Independent National Sales Director
Charlotte, North Carolina



Advertising/marketing agency/writer


Began, August 1974; Independent Sales Director, May 1981; Independent National Sales Director, February 2004; Million-Dollar Sales Director five times; No. 1 Sales Director in Pearl Seminar, two times; Monthly Go-Give™ Award, September 1990; Millionaires Club (has earned more than $3 million in commissions during her Mary Kay career)


Motivated by: An internal need to be my best
My best asset: My follow-through skills and willingness to work hard
Favorite vacation spot: NC Mountains

Growing Up in Mary Kay

Robin and her mother Sr. Director Beverly Ashley in Provence, France October 2006Independent National Sales Director Robin Rowland is the product of a Mary Kay household. Her mother began her Mary Kay business when Mary Kay Inc. was in its infancy. Growing up, she witnessed the transition that took place in her mother’s life after starting her own Mary Kay business. Today, Robin is focused on helping other people live the kind of remarkable life she’s enjoyed.

“Mary Kay totally changed my mother’s life, which impacted my life. I don’t know how I could have done anything other than Mary Kay,” says Robin, who briefly worked at an advertising agency after college. It didn’t take

her long to realize the ethical differences between the two worlds. And she decided there was a lot more to Mary Kay than just cosmetics. “Mary Kay gives every woman an opportunity to grow. The personal growth you get is more important than the money you get. It’s who we become at the end of our life that’s important, not what we achieve,” says Robin.

What’s more, Mary Kay has enabled Robin to work beside her best friend all these years — her
mother. “Mothers and daughters usually don’t have a common business background to share.
Mary Kay has kept us close our whole lives. She’s watched me build this business and she’s always given me great support. First she was my mentor, and now I enjoy being her mentor.”